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Alpi Aviation Srl Italy

Alpi Aviation Srl is an Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Pordenone. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of light aircraft in the form of kits for amateur construction and ready-to-fly aircraft in the European Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Micro light category.

The company produces a range of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, both manned and unmanned. These include the Alpi Pioneer 200 and 230, the 300, the aerobatic 330 micro lights and the four seat 400 kit aircraft. The 200 and 300 series are built from a combination of wood and composites. They also produce the Syton AH 130 turbine-powered helicopter which is derived from the Rotor way Exec. Alpi also market the Alpi Strix-C fixed-wing mini unmanned aerial vehicle and the Alpi Sixton-A rotary-wing micro unmanned aerial vehicle. About 800 Plus aircraft sold worldwide.



Pioneer 200

Pioneer 300

Italy (ULM) 2001

Italy (ULM) (1999)

BFU (Germany 2005)

BFU (Germany 2002)


France (2002)

Spain/Portugal (2002)

Spain/Portugal (2002)

CS-VLA UK (2005)

CS-VLA UK (2004)

Greece (2006)

Greece (2006)

South Africa (2006)

South Africa (2006)

Rep. S. Marino (2005)

Rep. S. Marino (2005)

BCAR Section S (2006)

Italy (Advanced ULM) (2011)

Italy (Advanced ULM) (2011)

LSA/ASTM Brazil/USA (in progress)



Pioneer 400

Syton AH -130

CS- 23 UK (2012)

BCAR VLH (in Progress)

CNSK France (2013)





Cruise Speed


185 Km/h



210 Km/h

Max Rate of climb


1.673 ft/min

Hovering ceiling IGE @ 580 kg


11.480 ft

Hovering ceiling OGE @ 580 kg


8.200 ft

Maximum ceiling


16.400 ft

Max range with auxiliary fuel tank


600 Km



2.000 hours

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1.  All prices are on Ex- Factory (Italy) Basis. Importer / Buyer have to take necessary permissions (if required) as per their Country import rules and regulations.

2. Booking Amount will be deducted from final price of product.

3. After booking confirmation- Manufacturer will send final invoice with terms and delivery.

4. After Online Booking Confirmation- Manufacturer will send Invoice in name of  Buyer / Importer Directly. Payment terms will be 50% Advance against Manufacturer Invoice and Balance before delivery.

5. Delivery Time for Air craft is 3-4 months and Helicopters is 5-6 Months after Online Booking Confirmation and 50% Advance payment against Manufacturer invoice.

6. Others can be discussed.



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