Mustard Oil

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Mustard Oil

We offer one of best Quality Mustard Oil.  Mustard oil is one of most popular edible oil in Indian cooking especially North India. It is extracted from mustard Seeds. It is also used in many traditional and religious practices.


·          Removes Tan & Dark Spots.

·          Lightens the skin.

·          Natural Sunscreen.

·          Stimulates Sweat glands.

·          Treats Rashes and Infections.

·          Lip care

·          Stimulates Hairs Growth.

·          Prevents premature graying.

·          Prevent hair loss and other scalp problems.

·          Increase Appetite.

·          Stimulant.

·          Irritant.

·          Cardiovascular benefits.

·          Relief from cold & Cough.

·          Anti Inflammatory properties.

·          Other benefits.


·          As per client requirements.

Terms & Conditions

·          All prices in USD or INR.

·          Payment Terms will be Advance or LC at sight.

·          Containerized Shipment available.

·          Materials are supplied from India or third country depends on Availability.

·          Minimum Order quantity can be discussed.

·          Other can be discussed.


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